All spot market FREIGHT ORDER REVERSE AUCTIONS are conducted at the Transport Carrier Network's website The current transport carrier network consists of over 10,000 pre-qualified active transport carriers licensed and listed with the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration. The network covers over 1800 Shippernet towns, cities, ports, and airports.

Before starting a Freight Order Reverse Auction a shipper or Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs) will need to set up an account, have a user name, password, good credit, and have legal ownership of the goods to be transported.  To set up a shipper or BCO account click on the signup page below and select "Select Shipper Account." Fill out the requested information and we will setup a Freight Order Reverse Auction account.

Since Freight Brokers are not the owners of cargo, a licensed Freight Broker cannot participate or conduct a FREIGHT ORDER REVERSE AUCTION.  A separate free and open SPOT MARKET LOAD BOARD is provided for Freight Brokers to seek solicitations for freight rate quotes from both in and out-of-network transport carriers.