An reverse auction starts with a current Freight Order or a Future Freight Order for transport miles.  Freight Orders are required for solicitations to start a procurement auction for transport services. A Freight Order must have a specific origin and destination points, with any stops or drops in route along with any specific transport terms and conditions such as specific pickup and delivery times and a specific time and date the auction will end.   Procurement auctions are held for 2 to 10 days and are generally conducted on a per mile basis, plus any applicable stops, drops, and other accessorial costs. 

All Freight Order Reverse Auctions start and take place at the website.  The Transport Carrier Network has over 1800 virtual towns, cities, ports, and airports where transport carriers are domicled or nearby. When a BUYER'S Freight Order is posted to start a reverse auction it is broadcast via e-mail to transport carrier SELLERS with both available stationary or moving space within a 75 mile radius of the virtual origin point of the load or shipment. The load or shipment will also be posted at the destination point to enabling network transport carriers to participate in the auction as a potential backhaul opportunity. This ensures that the buyer of transport services will have multiple transpor carriers participants.  


To assist the auction parties in detemining fair and reasonable freight rates in a reverse auction, a staff of CPAs and Transport Cost Specialist maintain a weekly basket of current total truckload transport costs including a fair and reasonable per-mile profit with comparison to adjusted Freight Future per-mile prices. Per-mile full truckload rates do not include any in route stops, drops, or assessorial charges. For Per-MIle Prices click on the link below.


A shipper or beneficial cargo owner (BCO) auction account, username, and password is setup after a credit check.  At any time after setup a REVERSE AUCTION can start with a Freight Order.  To signup for a BUYER or SELLER account click below.